A Great Workout


Physically we are practicing and performing exercises or poses to help the baby properly align for easier delivery. We are strengthening the pelvic floor and transverse abdomens, including the core, to teach a women when and how to use her muscles and when to relax the muscles.


It has been shown that woman who exercises regularly and activates the core muscle groups has a faster and easier natural labor than those who do not. Strengthening the core also helps with postpartum recovery including Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Emotional Support 


Emotionally Durga baby allows a women time during the session to continuously assess how she feels in the moment. To remember to tap into her instincts and trust in her relationships. Durga baby is taught compassionately; honoring her body and how a women feels without judgement or criticism.


The environment is safe and uninhibited, thus allowing a women to completely release her fears, anxieties, or worries.

Designed for all Trimesters and Fitness levels


The pace of pre/post natal classes are typically slower than standard yoga/Pilates classes. We must be mindful of the transformations of her body. Class is intended to be a balance of challenging exercises and relaxation.


Durga baby is designed for all levels of fitness and pregnancy/postnatal stages. Each exercise is offered with modifications based on trimester and fitness level.


Movements focus to help position the client’s baby into birthing position and prepare her for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery.


Parking: You can park on the street or in the rear of the building.  All parking is free. 


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