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The Pilates method creates length and strength (not bulk). The spring/pully system on the Reformer / Tower deepen and amplify the way your natural muscle works. This expedites results compared to traditional gym workouts.  The equipment is completely adjustable to fit virtually any body type. Regardless of weight, height, or physical limitations. 


Joseph Pilates said "physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."  A body freed of nervous tension and over-fatigue is ideal for a well-balanced mind that is ALWAYS ready and adaptable to solve complex problems of today. In your Pilates workout, we challenge the body to move in all directions to create balance of strength and flexibility, mobility and stability, effort and efficiency.

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We believe that creating a safe and comfortable, yet, challenging and motivating environment is an invitation to success and freedom.  We believe in the "evolution of exercise."  Our methods are designed and executed to be adaptable to your lifestyle needs.  If you are an olympic athlete working on your next medal, a caring grandmother to who wants to keep up with your grandkids, or just want get up everyday and feel better, Pilates & Company's educated instructors help you look, move, and feel better.  When you practice at Pilates & Company, you experience something effective, lasting, and life changing.

Pilates & Company has been re-shaping minds and bodies in NJ for over 10yrs using methods such as Pilates, Garuda, and Powerplate.



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“ Pilates means balance, focus, and strength.  It is a gift I give myself. ” 


—  Stephanie V


Parking: You can park on the street or in the rear of the building.  All parking is free. 


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