How is Garuda different than Pilates & Yoga?

June 14, 2015

How is the Garuda Method different than Pilates and Yoga?




We get this question all the time and it totally makes sense because we are the only studio in the USA that offers a full Garuda program.  Put simply, Garuda is the next evolution of Pilates and Yoga.  The method incorporates a strong core workout element, has the flow and grace of yoga,  and the cardiovascular element of dance.  The biggest differentiating factor is that Garuda works your muscles from the inside out and outside in.   There are no long holds, no movement that is just done in a singular fashion (ie up and down or lift and lower), and no strict rules of moving.   Garuda principles stem from the spiral lines of your body.  Similar to an Anusara yoga practice which focus on 5 spiral lines, however Anusara is performed in a slower, hold pattern; Garuda continually challenges your flow of movement using the spiral lines as a guide.  Our bodies are made up of organic layers.  Each of these layers stem from our core and spiral out to our fingers and toes.  Our extremities in turn provide feedback to our core.  Therefore we are deliberate in our movements, our expressions, and our execution of each exercise.  


Garuda in NJ has been an evolution of our own too.  Having 20+ years of pilates and yoga teaching experience, it was a bit challenging to wrap our brains and teaching voice around the freedom Garuda offers.  You mean I don’t have to pump my arms or just stay on my 2x6 mat?  You mean I can move my ribs and I don’t have to suck in my belly?  You mean I don’t have to believe in the chakras to really understand how to feel more balanced?  YES YES and YES!  Garuda is a vigorous workout.  You will feel your abs and your back muscles like you never have before.  You will work your legs and your shoulders like you never knew was possible, but most importantly you will leave class feeling the biggest release you ever have before.  You will feel lighter, taller, happier.  You will get stronger, leaner, and sexier.   


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