Get to know your Instructor: Heather Hoffman

February 1, 2017

Heather was born and raised in Livonia, MI, a suburb of Detroit. She attended Western Michigan University where she was a member of the dance team – no, not a cheerleader ;-)   She graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. During a sales internship in New York City’s Garment District, she met her husband, “Big Rick.”  The couple settled in NJ and have two children, Rachael (19) and “Little Rick” (16).


Now a favorite Pilates instructor, ironically, Heather was initially very skeptical Pilates.  She was basically a “gym rat” but knew something was missing from her workouts. After having her children, she could not quite get her abdominals back to their pre-pregnancy shape, regardless of how many sit ups she did. She decided to try Pilates at a local studio where she lived.  She did 10 private sessions, but did not see a difference.  However, she remained committed and after more sessions, she started to see a difference.  Furthermore, her gym workouts became more efficient.  One fateful day Heather attended a Metuchen street fair where she met Michael and Wendy, two of Pilates & Company’s owners and the rest is history….


I had an intimate and insightful conversation with Heather. Read below to learn more.


Q: What is your favorite muscle group?

Heather: The brain! (Not sure if that’s a muscle, but we will take it.)

The brain allows us to focus on the muscles that we want to recruit and use.


Q: What is your favorite prop?

Heather: Bands – they enhance and intensify your workout.


Q: What different exercise disciplines to you practice?

Heather: I enjoy all different fitness modalities.  But, I always comeback to Pilates and realign myself.


Q: What is your goal in teaching?

Heather: I want my clients to leave class feeling better than when they came in.


Q: What is your intention as you teach?

Heather: Every class is different, but I think each class should have one “ah-ha” moment - something that makes my students think and/or share with others.


Q: What fascinates you?

Heather: I’m fascinated with the ability for the human body to heal itself -  mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Q: How do you spend your time off the mat?  

Heather: I love to watch volleyball.


Q: Fun fact about yourself?

Heather: I always wanted to be a Rockette. I met the height requirement, but my proportions were off.  My legs were too short and my torso too long. 







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